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Triptych Diorama #1


Editor's Note: Quite literally, she is alive because life is breathed into her. Or rather, alive again. Purgatory. Stage of between. Caught between Hell and Hea --

...Midnight finds our heroine skulking through the deepening shadows. Grey upon noir grey of endless residential blocks. In a particularly bourgeois section of the megalopolis Stark City. Reminds her of a snippet of poetry she'd heard sometime somewhere Fucking Death in the Age of Gentrification. She pushes the thought aside, following her centralia as it streams from her consciousness, leading to her prey. Her mind, flashes of the future horrors of the perpetrator.

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    Drew Martyn almost 6 years ago

    Very effective images. Great start.

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    Chris Walker almost 6 years ago

    Lovely use of words.

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