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Happy Fathers Day


The day I planned to kidnap my coworker was the best day of my life.

Because I followed through. Father'd be so proud!
I followed through with something!

It all went fairly smooth.
She struggled more than I thought.
And she was stronger than I thought.
But I got her to the abandoned shack anyway.

Chained. Shackled. Naked. Speadeagle.
She screamed alot when she saw the baseball bat.
And the drill.
And alot when I fucked her. Alot.
But here in the woods, nobody heard.

I just wish I'd planned what to do with her body after I'd killed her.

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    Thomas Andersen over 6 years ago

    The protagonist's casual, matter of fact attitude is bone chilling - I like it!

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    Drew Martyn over 6 years ago

    It's all in the planning, isn't it?! Another superb one Richard.

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