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Pearl and Quasit #87


Shimmering words paused, showing Baron Nicaise confronted with Necromancer Gihl, stuff of nightmares. Raiment of inky cloaks, flowing as if alive. His saccharine countenance of charm instilled in a bone white body, yet eyes like covetous obsidian.

As Quasit continued, both Chattsworth and Iyauliana worriedly watched his reposed face.

Necromancer Gihl's voice dripped with sweetness, but the very air around him seemed contaminated. "Through my magic, I can assure you will get your wish to raise a baby girl. And all I ask in return, a small parcel of land, that you've promised to the eldest of your strong sons."

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    Drew Martyn over 6 years ago

    Congratulations on number 150!!! Epic storytelling :)

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    D.M. over 6 years ago

    Wild applause!!!!

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