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Pearl and Quasit #79


So she'd fled Becca VII, leaving her orgillous father secluded and obscure. Aiming the Trichogrammatidae towards Khayr Quadrant, knowing that Donatien authorities would seek her. Consequently, she gave up her life of harlotry for piracy.

Pearl removed the katate-uchi that she'd used to murder Donatien from the storage chamber. Ancient weapon amid contemporary. It'd hung from his walls amid other dispendious decor. Its slightly curved blade still shone, weight and heft beautiful in her hands.

But spending time with his boys, Baron Nicaise's mind always returned to his aspirations. Preoccupied always with his wish to have a baby girl.

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    D.M. over 6 years ago

    'what you take for granted, others wish for...'
    Your last line invites more questions.

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