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Pearl and Quasit #68


Soon as the Yu Qi Queen, her Mariri cleared the bridge, Pearl voiced compulsory commands to the BQSBots, raising nombril scutate round the bridge. She doubted even Yu Qi's Ecitoninae Warships could decipher sequent encryption. Let's just hope this sarding mooncalf Queen's psychic aptitude isn't up to the challenge.

At her gesture, Quasit turned to face her, one thick eyebrow raised in buoyant ataraxis. "Pearl, I can explain." Syllogism in the face of geothermal ion storm.

"We're going to Stlo Nebula," Pearl hissed. "There to find anyone whom might have information on Mantidae class ships. Then to sell our cargo!"

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    D.M. over 4 years ago

    Hurray! I got excited when I saw the title. Keep writing!

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