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Pearl and Quasit #67


Iyauliana smiled at Quasit's remark, but her eyes turned to Pearl, seeking further superlative encomiums. "I have pleased you?" She asked meekly.

Pearl grimaced dubiously. "Right now, I need Quasit to helm. I'm sure the Mariri can find something else of significance elsewhere to teach you."

Iyauliana rose, allowing Quasit to sit at helm's station. She retreated closer to the Mariri demurely, who stated to Quasit, "Please, we shall continue in your quarters."

Before they left the bridge, Iyauliana entreated Quasit. "I hope you're planning to read a bed time story again to Chattsworth and I before our restorative cycle."

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    D.M. over 6 years ago

    This "bed time story", will you include it? So interesting when stories are framed
    within stories.

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    Richard Charles Davidson over 6 years ago

    Don't know yet if I will include what the bed time stories are. Whether they're classical canon or something altogether more fantastic.

    Thanks for reading DM and your comments are always most welcome!

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