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Pearl and Quasit #15


Chaos ensued. The Phengodidae, even though she tried to manoeuvre clear, shuttered in the wake of destruction. The Mantidae cut a sheer swathe through the Ecitoninae Warship of the Yu Qi, splitting her in half. The resultant explosions rippled through space, throwing debris and detritus in horrific spirals.

The Ragusea, caught in the tempest, flailed. The BQSBots flurried, initiating emergency protocol, IE1A2 safety webbing catching, harnessing and anaesthetising the only two sentient crew members securely.

Utter annihilation encompassed the two fulminating ships, a maelstrom of death, plasma fires, antimatter breaches tunnelling like a tidal bore through the fabric of space.

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    Bryan Thomas over 7 years ago

    Really enjoying this series, Richard - tremendous writing!

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