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Journey to a nearby realm
that levitates its agates in wagonloads
by way of flying carabao,
past the broken canyon
where echos change the ending,
where cactus blossoms blink their eyes.
where crouching rogues
trade you candle wax for sandstone
and never seize your canteen.

Here no missionary trekkers peddle
photocopied maxims
to your canvas threshold.
Here the wings of crocodiles
threaten herds, and the sun beats black
through clouds of marble
and the cumushquio counts her grain
and the jackal sings
and the stargazer leads
and the harper yearns
and maybe

and maybe they
would let you stay,

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    Jamie Clapperton about 2 years ago

    Loved spending time in this place and will return , I think. :-)

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