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Bunch of stupid kids in “retro” outfits found a circle of rocks downtown and were dumb enough to step into the middle. Triggered some ancient Fae shiz, loosed a freaking giant undead bird on the city. This thing was a 70 ft tall skeletal pigeon held together with bathtub mold and duct tape.

If there’s anything I hate more than hipsters, it’s urban Fae.

Freaking archaic psychopaths left over from pre-concrete days, always stealing bag ladies’ souls or changeling-out the local bureaucrat’s chihuahua. Y’know, I wanted to be an architect, but Fae-based exorcisin’s the family business.


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    Beck Scassellati 4 months ago

    Two drabbles this week since I didn't have one last week. They're both about fairies, which seems to be my go-to subject.

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    Frenchie 4 months ago

    Thanks for sharing them, Beck. I always enjoy your writing. Urban Fae and Hipsters? :-D

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