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Fake Book Synopses


Computer viruses have adapted into biotic pathogens. Life happens indoors, thanks to global virtual reality. If a virus catches you, simply enter your Happy Place while your body is shut down and rebooted. They say your consciousness won’t know the difference.

Ansel Atkins, average teenage cyborg, takes his McAfee pills every morning like everyone else, until a personal encounter with a Trojan Worm shows him these things are evolving. Humanity wasn’t meant to merge with machine so suddenly, and the end of organic life may be near.

Unless the rumors he hears about the world beyond his walls are true.

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    Drew Martyn 12 months ago

    Beck, write this!! This takes Tad Williams Otherland to a whole new dimension :)

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    shaun 12 months ago

    What a brilliant idea!

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