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The Zulu department revolted on Thursday.

This was because yesterday the Ku Klux Kubikle declared Wednesday “Whitesday,” so in retaliation, the Zulus declared Thursday “Spearsday” and chaos ensued. Somebody speared the secretary, who sighed crossly and filed another request for a sick day.

The Eskimo department built a cubicle made of ice to protect themselves.
It was somewhat effective. The Pokétrainer department used Attract on the warring employees. It was Super Effective!

In the end, the Space Cats in IT got everyone to stop spearing each other and/or making out with the Pokétrainers.

Just another routine day at the office.

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    Beck Scassellati about 1 year ago

    This drabble is very odd, but that is because it came from a random prompt generator that gave me the words "Revolt," "Zulu," and "Cubicle."

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    Neville Hunt about 1 year ago

    Odd it may be Beck, but it makes interesting reading and prompts grey cell generation. I’ve used these random prompt generators and whilst they force one to be creative, I find that there’s always one pesky word that screws it up for me.

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    Drew Martyn about 1 year ago

    After reading that I'm not sure what day it is... but I'd sure love to work in that office :)

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