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“Let’s kill this guy. Nobody will notice he's gone.”

“We can’t without a reason. Goes against code.”

“He’s got an ugly cat. How’s that?”

“That’s more of a reason to kill his cat than to kill him, and I like cats. Try again.”

“Fine then, he smells funny.”

“You’ve never met him.”

“He looks like he smells funny.”


“I just really wanna kill someone, okay?…Wait...Oh, hell.”


“He’s one of us.”

“No. He can’t be. How do you know?”

“Look, in the fourth photo—he bears the mark of Cain.”

The Man Bun with Shaved Sides! You’re right. Swipe left.”

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    Drew Martyn about 2 years ago

    Lol, love it :)
    I love cats and hate man buns. Hopefully that makes me well qualified to be a demon ;)

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