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Warm copper light filled the air, as the sun shrank away behind the golden gates. Alf trembled before the Gate Keeper.

“Answer the riddle and you may pass.” Boomed the Gate Keeper. The ground tremored underfoot.

“S-silence, the answer is silence. Please, I beg you let me pass. I must reach the Fallen Temple before night fall!” Alf pleaded.

The Gate Keeper’s horned face softened to a smile “This was amusing. Actually, I don’t have a key. I’m just a troll”. Alf gaped in disbelief as the troll casually strode away.

Alf slumped to his knees. All was lost.

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    Rachel Ball over 7 years ago

    Ah thanks so much you guys! I must have rewrote this about 6 times, went through so many endings and I only posted it because my hubby liked this version :) the first sentence was the only one that remained, because I loved it :D So glad the story came across :D

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