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A fresh morning greeted me as I left for work. The day was new and crisp. As I strode along the pavement, ideas swept in and out of my mind like a fresh breeze. A tale took shape, one of distant planets, future wars and a pot twist. I felt the details piece together. By the time my commute was done I was inspired.

The day was fleeting and I was engrossed. As I faced the journey home, I turned my mind to science fiction once more.

The tasks of the day had usurped my mind. The story was gone.

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    Rachel Ball over 7 years ago

    Yeh it came back eventually, but it happened again yesterday. I vaguely remember it being quite scary! I'm going to have to take a notepad to work with me now. I keep fooling myself into thinking I will remember it because how could I possibly forget such a fun idea for a story eh!

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    Rachel Ball over 7 years ago

    Thank you, yeh its a real pain (I was referring to the visitors story if you hadn't guessed, I'm so thankful it came back to me). I have to stop trusting myself to remember things!

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