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We are all born.
We are all made.
Equally, as of the man from above.
We are given a life.
We are given a brain,
To choose between right and wrong.
We are given a heart,
To understand those around us.
We are given a body,
To live our life to the fullest.
True, we are made.
Equally, but not completely.
That is our mission in this world.
To complete our own puzzle.
Each of us is different.
A unique quest to accomplish.
Yet we have the same contents to find.
We're all the same.
Looking for the missing pieces.

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    Alex about 9 years ago

    I briefly remember a short story you wrote about this concept in 8th grade. This is a nice elaboration on it, better even. Oh, hello Kyle. ;)

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    Ellizabette Schmidt about 9 years ago

    Hello there, Erin. Er, I mean Alex. Haha ^_^

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