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Let them bleed.
Let them conquer the page.
Black as ebony.
Black as your soul.
Give them a purpose.
A whole new meaning.
Corrupt them.
Destroy them.
Mess with their minds.
Let the lies be heard.
Leave the truth behind.
No one would find it,
Curious enough.
Lock them in a cage.
Bury it underneath the earth.
It's the most wonderful weapon.
A weapon of words.
Yet it can break your heart.
It can torture your brain.
Those whispers you've heard.
Those images in your head.
You'll conquer the world.
All of them lie
At the tip of your pen.

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    D.M. over 8 years ago

    Powerful war imagery in the first lines and continued by weapon and torture.
    Consider following this to the end. Mess with their minds.

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