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NaNoWriMo #25


Searching for food, Magpie saw the fisherman pulling his haul onto Mousehole beach.

“Nice catch!” Magpie said. “How many you leaving for Bucca?”

“What you talking about, bird?”

“Bucca. God of storms. Got to leave him some fish, or he gets upset.”

At this, the fisherman got quite upset. “But… I’ve never left anything for Bucca!”


The fisherman shook his head.

“OK. How about, this time leave two fish.”

“Will that be enough?”

“Sure. Bucca can’t eat that much.”

“Should I do anything else?”

“Nah, just leave them there. And don’t turn around. Bucca don’t like to be watched.”

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    D.M. over 9 years ago

    Fun! That is one smart magpie.

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