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NaNoWriMo #22


You’ve got to start small.

We never had big ambitions. We just thought we could do a better job of running the place.

So we seceded. Just our street. Oh, we wanted Thicket Road too. Maybe Fishponds. Definitely no more.

But it turned out the idea was pretty popular. Soon enough, we had all of Bristol. Barely any peer pressure needed.

The Midlands followed, then Yorkshire. Finally the Prime Minister gave up the keys to Downing Street.

Now we’ve got colonies in Paris and Berlin. World domination is gradual, but it’s going well. After all, you’ve got to start small.

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    Neil Murton over 9 years ago

    I should probably admit this one is basically an in-joke between me and the guy who gave me the prompt, but hopefully y'all will enjoy it anyhow.

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    D.M. over 9 years ago

    It works!
    (Where are you getting the prompts?)

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    Neil Murton over 9 years ago

    I ask people I know for them, and sometimes ask on the blog. Sometimes they are fairly normal ('impermanence') sometimes they are a bit weird ('discombobulated spatula'; 'the uniquely British sound of ululating women at the royal wedding at St Paul's Cathedral'). This one was 'homespun revolution'.

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