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NaNoWriMo #11


I first saw the yacht with red sails heading west, the day my father drowned.

He always was a keen boatman, though he’d been stolen by a riptide while trying to save Jess. The collie had swum too far out.

In his memory, I took up boating, and found why he loved it. Solitude, in a world of seven billion.

But solitude has a price. And now I pay it, dehydrated, sunburnt, my boat impaled on hidden rocks.

Coming from the east, I see the yacht with red sails. And I already know its captain, Jess sitting at his feet.

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    Neil Murton over 9 years ago

    The prompt here, probably not surprisingly, was 'the yacht with red sails'.

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    Jim M over 9 years ago

    Very moving and very refreshing to read such a different approach to the 'final moments' type story

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