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His real name is Donny. He's a half Zirxian. His mother, a pure Zirxian, was killed after refusing not to pray and his father, a preacher in a small town near Clocktown called "treehouse" , left him alone after 20 years , for Zirxians , 20 years is like 2 years. So the baby cried and cried until a woman called Jinny took him in and loved him like her own son. Donny grew slower than her, she died when he was only 7 years old. The boy knew that he was damned and so he decided to live alone.

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    Che bk201 almost 4 years ago

    I dropped it idk why :v

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    Che bk201 over 2 years ago

    THank you Andre for your comment. I'm happy i got an advice.

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