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03:30 a.m. First day of our holiday in Cornwall. Car packed ready on the drive... just needing the two of us to be ready. Alarm set for 04:45... why was I awake so early...? I needed sleep!

Apparently today’s national traffic chaos would be the worst since 2017! An early start essential for our long drive southwest.

Amazingly, we left at 05:00. A fabulous journey without stopping. 09:15 delicious breakfast beyond Exeter. Yippee! Record time... just one hour to our destination. Or so we thought! Then an accident ahead... 2 hour gridlock.

I fell asleep at the wheel... nobody noticed!

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    Jamie Clapperton 4 months ago

    Lucky in more ways than one! ;-)

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    Neville Hunt 4 months ago

    Indeed, Jamie. Fortunately the traffic had been stationary for ages… a recipe for nodding off🥴.

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    Richard Hunt 4 months ago

    I don’t think they want people in that region. Colette had a similar problem during last week … left to get the train to Bristol, got as far as Paddington. Signals all failed.

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