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Watching the Coronation recently, I couldn’t help thinking back to when my former secretary Anna started dating HRH. I knew she knew him; she’d told me. She was posh... own house in Mayfair, a Rolls-Royce daily to work at our ad agency... but she was pretty, charming and a good secretary too!

I didn’t know he’d proposed marriage to her, twice... and been twice refused. But it was big news when she publicly dumped him at a Windsor Castle birthday bash for the DofE. His attention had apparently been distracted!

Just think... I might have been his queen’s boss!

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    Christopher 5 months ago

    Always the bridesmaid, huh, Neville? I'd be too afraid I'd get sent to the Tower of London if I snapped at Her!

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    Neville Hunt 5 months ago

    Hehe! I’d be ever so nice to her... but I always was! Great girl and quite funny too. She had the interesting nickname among her posh mates of Whiplash, but not in the S&M sense I hasten to add. She was an avid and talented horsewoman and went fox hunting with the smart/royal set up in Leicestershire.

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