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The Interview #1


The dreaded interview... here come the interview nerves, here comes fear, here come self doubts. What questions might the interviewer ask? Probably tricky ones... to catch me out!

That’s not usually their motive. They’re interviewing because they WANT someone like YOU!

What about that horrid strengths and weaknesses question? I know my weaknesses, but I don’t want her/him to know them. Maybe I should dress up a strength as a weakness, like “I’m too honest!”

NO, NO, NO! It’s transparent bullshit!

So maybe I’ll just give straight answers...

No. Answer a question with a story and never “yes” or “no”..........

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    VerityAlways 10 months ago

    Really good insights, your should do a broader series on this one!
    Or allow us to subscribe your newsletter;)

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