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I’ve been playing golf regularly for a few years. I play with three mates at a local 9-hole course. I enjoy it... but many people wonder why.

My golfmates are all much better golfers than me. And they don’t have to be good to achieve that accolade either. The difference between us is that they seem to be much more competitive than me. They care, they fume, they curse at their odd bad shots, one even chucks his clubs on the ground.

But I know I’m the real winner. After all, I get loads more shots than they do.

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    Christopher 2 months ago

    I've never actually played golf before. I've been on golf courses with other people but never played. Every time I try a golf swing it looks like I'm chopping wood.

    But I'm a whiz at miniature golf. I get the ball through the windmill the first time!

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