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Horst #7


The judges chamber was located 30metres from the Blitzkochen kitchens. Such was Horst’s volatility that in the time taken to get there, he had blown his top at the top of his voice such that judges and contestants could hear and start to fear... and then had mellowed, with his PR’s words ringing in his ears. He’d gone from brutal murder in mind to mere confrontation in that distance.

The judges and crew were planning their speedy exit, but the Horst that arrived seemed more hurt than homicidal. The canny producer kept the cameras running. Interesting outtakes were always useful...

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    Christopher 3 months ago

    And if Horst blows his top again that tape could be used in evidence!

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    Neville Hunt 3 months ago

    Indeed! But the show’s PR machine could use it to good effect too!

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