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Horst #6


A relative newcomer to the German food scene, Burak was a Turk who’d come to Germany as a gastarbeiter, but had made a name with his experimental fusion food. Polite and mild-mannered, his German speaking was not so strong though. Nonetheless, as the other chefs buttoned their lips at Horst’s question, Burak sympathised and said. “I think that man is so rude, saying your food’s ‘shit’!”

“Whaaaat!” roared Horst, grabbing Burak’s apron. “Who said shit?”

“The stupid English judge” supplied another chef, not wanting the Turk to be mutilated.

Horst immediately dropped Burak and headed for the judges chamber...

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    Christopher 3 months ago

    I think the scheiße is about to schlagen der lüfter!

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    Neville Hunt 3 months ago

    ... und jeder wird mit Scheiße bedeckt!

    Without realising it when you encouraged me to stretch Horst out, I was greatly influenced by a BBC reality food programme, Great British Menu, we’re addicted to, in which top chefs (some with one or two Michelin stars) compete to be selected to cook one or more dishes at a banquet. It provides good reference points.

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