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My favourite limericks in reverse order:

Bronze Medal

There was a young girl from Devizes
Who had knockers of differing sizes
One was so small
It was scarce there at all
And one was so big it won prizes.

Silver Medal

There was a young man came from Kent
Whose knob was exceedingly bent
To save him some trouble
He would put it in double
And instead of coming he went.

Gold Medal

There was a young fellow named Spence
Who’s bollocks were simply immense
Through streets broad and narrow
He’d use a wheelbarrow
To carry them thither and thence.

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    Neville Hunt 30 days ago

    Phew! Made it! It’s tricky this word count, isn’t it? 🥴

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    Christopher 30 days ago

    Haha! Well done! These are racy but still within the bounds of British decency! I know a couple that are truly x-rated but I'm too gentlemanly to post them on a public forum.

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    Brian Mackinney 27 days ago

    As a fellow limerician mine are definitely for the back burner reserved for a special one but I would be an also ran in the Limerick of life.

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