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I tended to cross swords with mother-in-law, Mrs E. She always made my girlfriend's dresses, making absolutely certain everyone knew it!

Disliked by Mrs E, but, being always ready for a challenge, I found her bragging rather irritating.

"I could do that!" I declared, "I could make her a dress!"

"Don't be absurd, young man!"

That was it!

Some paisley material, a Butterick pattern, rather exciting fitting sessions, much swearing and one week later, Miss E wore it to a party with me.

Empire line, fully-lined bodice minidress... (still in our dressing up box.)

She looked delicious!

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    Neville Hunt 21 days ago

    Please forgive me for reposting this from about 4 years ago, but I was planning to write it up today, having forgotten that I’d already written up the story. A sixth sense made me search ‘Empire line’... and there it was. So here it is again. It’s still upstairs somewhere in the dressing-up box.

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    Marion E Ball 20 days ago

    Well done you. I'm impressed especially by the lining of the dress!

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    Neville Hunt 20 days ago

    Thanks Marion. Re the lined bodice, given that I’d drawn up the battle lines myself, I simply had to do everything that mother-in-law did... and do it as well. Despite being a mini-dress (on my mini girlfriend) it has stood the test of time and has been borrowed lots for 60s parties over the years.

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    Christopher 19 days ago

    I thought I had read that story before. I'm as impressed with it now as I was four years ago.

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    Neville Hunt 19 days ago

    Thanks Christopher. I seem to be trawling the same waters right now, although I’m sure I have true tales I’m yet to tell.

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    Brian Mackinney 19 days ago

    I’m stuck on 175. I’m aspiring to 2000

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    Neville Hunt 19 days ago

    You’re doing great, Brian 👍

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