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Life it has its pitfalls
Life can be a mess
Why not give yourself a lift
By simply saying YES!

When all around is negative
And more just seems like less
Why not turn it all around
By simply saying YES!

The news is so depressing
I ignore it I confess
Bingeing on my favourite songs
Do I love them, YES!

I try my hand at cooking
And call friends in distress
And shall I walk upon the hill?
The answer’s surely YES!

Positive engagement
Will bring me great success
In anything I care to do
By simply saying YES!

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    Neville Hunt 26 days ago

    Prompted by listening over and over to the terrific Taylor Swift singing Love Story. Yes!

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    Marion E Ball 26 days ago

    Exactly my mantra Neville.Great drabble - love it.

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    Christopher 26 days ago

    Very uplifting. Doesn't work for me, but it might for someone else!

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    Brian Mackinney 25 days ago

    Easier than no. Better for a stress free life.

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    Frenchie 24 days ago

    I love this. And I apply it... 95% of the time 😁 I allow myself a bit of negativity to feel the power of positivity LOL

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    Neville Hunt 23 days ago

    Thanks all. I try to apply it all the time, but like you say Frenchie, you need the odd lapse to appreciate the amazing upsides.

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