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A five year old had apparently cut the cheek of another boy with a child’s lunch knife. Serious, but not a serious cut.

The village Facebook erupted as the victim’s mother announced she would remove her son from the school, had contacted the police, but that no charges could be forthcoming on the perpetrator... name withheld.

Who was the bad boy? Was it a friend of little H? Was there any chance it was H himself?

Fears subsided when class teacher asserted that H was the great role model for the class. Of course! Tears of pride filled my eyes.

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    Jamie Clapperton 11 months ago

    ..Must have been a relief Neville. Hope the other child can be kept in the right direction of course.

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    Neville Hunt 11 months ago

    Thanks Jamie. We knew H was a model pupil, but as his mum has had clinical depression for months now, one couldn’t be absolutely certain that it wasn’t affecting him. According to the teacher, there was less to it all than met the eye... although he didn’t expand on that! Relief though, indeed.

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    Frenchie 11 months ago


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    Neville Hunt 11 months ago

    Phew indeed.... the class teacher apparently told my son-in-law that there was ‘less to it than meets the eye’... and that little H was neither involved, nor friendly with anyone who might have been involved in what was ‘a storm in a plastic cup’.

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    Christopher 10 months ago

    I knew from your Small Talk series that little H was going to be quite a little man.

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    Neville Hunt 10 months ago

    Harry, for that’s his name, (5) is an absolute delight. Same goes for his one year old sister. And they’re great together. Can’t ask for more 🥴.

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