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Tell Tale #3


“Shame.... but you’ll have to go. But won’t your wife be suspicious?”

“Most probably! Quick, quick, dust this here chalk on my right lapel.”

“Whatever for, Max?”

“Never you mind! See you tomorrow”……

“And where the hell have you been, Max?”

“Well dear, to be perfectly honest, I hired a tasty new secretary recently. I fancied her and took her out for a drink after work today. One thing led to another and we went to a hotel and made mad passionate love!”

“You lying toad! You’ve been playing bloody darts at the pub again! You can’t fool me!”

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    Neville Hunt about 2 months ago

    I must excuse myself here. I had forgotten, but just after I posted this mini series I had a sneaky idea that I had written this joke up as a single drabble quite a while back. I found it. Over 5 years ago, entitled The Truth. Sorry!🥴

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    Frenchie about 1 month ago

    Never mind, my memory does not go back that far 🤣 I can't believe he got away with it. The {insert whatever word takes your fancy here } RAT!
    Thanks for the laugh, though, Neville.

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    Neville Hunt about 1 month ago

    You’re welcome Frenchie. It’s an old joke, but I had fun telling it. It was actually an exercise in dialogue only to tell a story (or joke in this case). The idea is not to have any ‘he said’, ‘she saids’ and no other non-vocalised scene setting. (Although I did need to establish scene/action changes and I wondered if my strategy was legitimate.🥴)
    But as for the guy in the story, he was a right illegitimate!

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    Brian Mackinney about 1 month ago

    They’re all rats. But fun.

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    Christopher 28 days ago

    Good jokes are meant to be repeated. And this is a good one. Clever bloke, that one.

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    Neville Hunt 28 days ago

    What makes it work is that there is a rich seam of truth in it! (Sorry ladies)

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