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Tell Tale #1


“We really shouldn’t be doing this!”

“Nonsense… I thought you liked me Helen…”

“I do, Max, course I do, I wouldn’t be in this hotel room now if I didn’t… but isn’t this a bit of a cliché… you know… married boss and secretary…?”

“No, not really. You must’ve known when you got the job that I fancied you and there has been a real chemistry between us, a sexual chemistry, ever since. Pent up feelings, waiting to burst out!”

“Well you seem ready to burst out right now, that’s for sure, you naughty man! But what about your wife?”....

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    Frenchie about 1 month ago

    Oh oh, Max is a naughty man indeed. Wil Helen hit him with sexual harassment at work? is the wife is in on the plot to check his fidelity? Exciting. You know, I always like stories where rats get caught 😂

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    Neville Hunt about 1 month ago

    Hehe! 😁

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    Brian Mackinney about 1 month ago

    They all fall for it.mi have friends who’ve had multiple marriages

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