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It seems an harmonious arrangement. The greenfinches eat hungrily from the feeder in the hazel tree. Not the most well-mannered eaters, you can see bits of sunflower hearts fall haphazardly to the ground, where patrols a much bigger creature. A pigeon-sized vacuum cleaner is doing a constant sweep of the ground beneath the feeder. And my goodness, I swear it’s getting fatter by the minute!

The goldfinches haven’t found the feeder yet, but when they do, these messiest of eaters will be fighting one another for food. Seeds flying everywhere... while that pigeon powers into the obesity spectrum.

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    Christopher 27 days ago

    I've got to find out when I need to put my hummingbird feeders back up. I read on a forum somewhere that a couple that had put their feeders up for years at the same time were a little late one year and they had hummingbirds gathering right outside their kitchen window like a squadron of fighter planes trying to intimidate them into putting the feeders up!

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