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With all this lockdown and sit down, Mrs H decided to put us on a fitness regime. I wasn’t consulted, but didn’t expect to be. We were going to get fit!

I wasn’t consulted, but was determined I would have some influence in changes to my lifestyle. But how? I figured a waiting game might be the best policy.

Mrs H was quickly into research mode. Her best friend Google gave a hand.

“We need 150 hours a week of exercise.” was the answer.

“150 HOURS?... Really?... but there are only 168 hours in a week!”

“150 minutes then!”


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    Frenchie about 2 months ago

    Mrs H. is a grand lady and surely knows how to run her house. 😊

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    Christopher 27 days ago

    I noticed the phrase "I wasn't consulted" was used not once but twice!

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    Neville Hunt 27 days ago

    Thanks Christopher, I used it twice because I wanted to emphasise my disgruntledness and determination to have a say... which of course I didn’t! I could have said ‘Although I wasn’t consulted’, but the word count wouldn’t let me.

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