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A former schoolfriend, Christopher, recently surfaced on my home city Facebook site. I thought, ‘I remember you!’

I’d been invited round for tea. While there he showed me with great pride his ‘den’ in the garden, a tiny wooden shed covered in sacking. The silly boy lit a Zippo lighter and waved it under the sacking, showing off. I warned him, he acted cool, the sacking caught fire. Den burnt to ground!

Never invited again, I’m convinced he told his mum later that I did it. Liar!

I’ve ‘Messaged’ him. No reply. He knows I’m on his case now though!

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    Frenchie 3 days ago

    Thinking of it, I am sure I too would have told my mum that it was my friend who burned the shed. You know, survival first... LOL....

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    Neville Hunt 3 days ago

    Fair enough! It doesn’t and didn’t as far as I can remember worry me at all. My mum would have known that it wasn’t me anyway and I was such an open character that I would have given it away if I’d been guilty! No loss as far as friends are concerned.... I was going to say, instantly forgettable... but clearly not that forgettable!🤔

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