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Mrs H loves frozen peas! I mean, she really loves them. She promotes them, defends them (from comme ci-comme ça philistines like me)... why she could front the frozen pea marketing campaign!

At every opportunity she suggests the addition of peas. If I’ve not got ‘the right’ vegetable for my creations; stews, pasta dishes, fish pie etc, she’ll argue for peas if you please.

Tonight I’d planned prawn and garlic linguine with cherry tomatoes. Well sorr...eee!, no cherry toms - not really in season right now!

“Hmmmph! Peas give colour, bulk, always in freezer, cook fast...”

”OK, OK, you win!”

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    Jamie Clapperton 6 days ago

    Peas tread a fine line between being slightly distasteful and helpfully offsettng lovely things.😆

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    Neville Hunt 6 days ago

    Haha! Peas are OK... but not in everything!🙁

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