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60 years, who thought I’d make it
Youth all gone, too old to fake it
But really I’m eighteen inside
An old man’s frame, somewhere to hide
My bashfulness and boyish charm
I’m immature but mean no harm
I know I’m young, it’s all within
Despite the many years there’s been
What the outer me conceals
Sparkling youth, that’s what I feel
Until a mirror confronts my face
Oh, where am I in that wrinkled maze?

(The moral of this tale of ageing...
Whilst the time wars are a-waging
Close your eyes, avoid inspection
NEVER look at your reflection!)

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    Neville Hunt 19 days ago

    Okay, okay, so I’m not actually 60... no, not at all. As far as I can tell, with my eyes shut tight, I’m a wee lad of 18. Can’t you tell?

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    Marion E Ball 19 days ago

    I'm older than you at 24
    Though many more years have knocked at the door!!

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    Brian Mackinney 17 days ago

    I’m still knocking at the door at 15. So immature.

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    Neville Hunt 17 days ago


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    Frenchie 7 days ago

    And I still feel like a sweet innocent sixteen with big curious eyes opened to the worldand dreams... I still have the dreams LOL but the glasses are tinted smoky grey now... as for the innocence 😉😂

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    Neville Hunt 7 days ago

    Hehe! (I won’t ask!) 🤫

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