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We were shooting a TV commercial for Galaxy Ripple at Pinewood Studios. As account executive I had to attend and this time I quite fancied seeing these famous studios, despite film shoots being desperately boring. But my secretary didn’t believe me. She wanted a day out. So I let her and her friend come too.

The shoot, a spoof on ‘Topkapi’, was nonetheless boring. My guests agreed. So we went to the bar!

Then the girls spotted legendary rocker Rick Wakeman propping up the bar. They were in heaven!

Asked later if they’d enjoyed the trip, they replied emphatically...


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    Jamie Clapperton 23 days ago

    Hehe. Liked him when he came on a pop quiz show once.

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    Neville Hunt 23 days ago

    He’s just moved in down the lane from my bro-in-law in Suffolk. Apparently he’s quite a nice bloke. My secretary and her mate (who was also one of the secretaries) were on cloud 9 for weeks! [Might try send you an amusing little Wakeman video via Messenger,]

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