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It’s a waiting game right now. Waiting... and hoping. Waiting and hoping it’ll be my turn soon. And worrying whether and when. When it will be... and whether it will be too late.

Well.... I don’t want to crow, but...

I got the call, and we’ve got our jabs coming up this weekend. I thought it was going to be for Covid, but my chum told me it might possibly be Corvid. Apparently they put an old crow up to your left arm instead. It’s supposed to be good for one's spirits... a case of keeping the old pecker up.

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    Jamie Clapperton 4 months ago

    Title grabbed me Neville, as maybe you knew it would .:-) Ending has got me going what? What ? What? Like David Tennants' Doctor Who. (Not out loud.)

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    Neville Hunt 4 months ago

    I did indeed, Jamie! There were no old crows at the vaccination centre this morning, just charming humans. My beef with the crows started yesterday when I looked out at the bird feeders dotted around the garden in advance of this weekend’s RSPB event. Not a single little bird anywhere near any of the feeders, just a damn great crow munching away voraciously at the fat ball container, obviously scaring off the little ones. Irritating, as I’d spent over twenty quid on a huge sack of sunflower hearts, still untouched.

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