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Mrs H loves the Radio Times. The minute it drops on the doormat, it’s gone. She plans our viewing.

“Crap TV tonight!” I might say one evening, having unearthed the TV guide. “Why don’t we watch a film?”

“It’s really good... so much that I’ll have to watch some things on catchup!” she’ll reply, in overrule mode.

“I might watch something in the other room then.” I suggest, having my escape route planned too.

“But that’s awful! I like you snuggling next to me on the sofa. It’s cosier!”

My unseen film catalogue is burgeoning! Not in a good way!

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    Marion E Ball about 1 month ago

    A lady after my own heart. I plan a whole week's viewing and record but I miss the snuggling.

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    Neville Hunt 30 days ago

    Sorry about that Marion, and sorry if this made it worse.

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    Brian Mackinney 29 days ago

    We have a daily date for film time. I always used to fall asleep watching films. Now I look for ideas. The interval Earl Grey goes down a treat.

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    Neville Hunt 28 days ago

    Sounds good, Brian. Overall though I’m not so bothered about TV viewing as there are so many other things I can be doing. I do like to watch certain things together though, like Scandi dark thrillers, so that there are two of us interpreting the subtitles! .... and when Mrs H rushes away to avoid the really gruesome bits, I can fill her in later, less gruesomely! (In case she’s lost the plot!😁)

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