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He was sitting there, bold as brass, on my lawn! He saw me and ignored me. Bloody cheek!

Now... I’m a tolerant man, but there are limits. Our garden is a haven for life, insect life and bird life. Mrs H introduced plants to bring bees and butterflies, and shrubs to welcome small birds.

Small birds I said!.. not big beasts like pigeons and worse... arrogant crows!

He sat, I crouched, he sat, I grabbed a small stone, he sat, I aimed, he sat... and gotcha! He hopped... but without effort.

But I’d made my point. I’d stoned the crow!

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    Christopher 23 days ago

    Haha. I've become somewhat of a bird watcher lately. Put two hummingbird feeders in my backyard and they've been swarming the thing! Those are some thirsty little jokers.

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    Jamie Clapperton 22 days ago

    If you see him again, what about patching things up by teaching him to say 'Nevermore.'

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    Neville Hunt 22 days ago

    Well, Janie.... I think he’s blotted his copy book well and truly by being so goddam calm about getting a flying pebble up his jacksy. I think the onus is on him to apologise profusely to me and agree never to darken my lawnstep no more!

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    Neville Hunt 22 days ago

    ...I mean to say... he was so.... ..... disdainful!

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    Andrew Pettigrew 13 days ago

    Haha! I'm not a big fan of 'em either, since they keep dive bombing my trampoline every single day! As though it wasn't bad enough having two dogs leave their little gifts right at the bottom of the ladder (and being blind, that's no laughing matter...).

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