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Today, 4yr old H couldn’t wait until lunchtime... because after lunch he was expecting a delivery. It was some ‘new Lego’. His mum told me it wasn’t really new, but H popped into frame insisting that it really was new Lego.

Confused, I imagined someone in the village was giving H a hand-me-down. Wrong!

“Did the new Lego arrive?” I asked later on the phone.

Yes... but apparently H had packaged up his own Lego which was delivered to the front door by Daddy. H insisted on signing for it.

He was very happy with his new Lego.

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    shaun 3 months ago

    Beautiful. The truth is what you believe it to be.

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    Neville Hunt 3 months ago

    Thanks Shaun. The thing was he actually knew it wasn’t new, but seemed to be role-playing the process, hence ‘signing’ for it. I saw his cheeky smile on Zoom!

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    Drew Martyn 3 months ago

    That's fantastic :) And a fun way for H to get confident signing for parcels.

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    Christopher 25 days ago

    Man, it's hard to believe he's that old already. Seems like just yesterday you were doing the Small Talk series about him.

    (Very clever of him, by the way. I think that little man is destined for greatness!)

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    Neville Hunt 25 days ago

    Thanks Christopher, he’s a little star... and he’s very nice to his baby sister.

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