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Face-off #6


Attempt #3 saw a further improvement. The shadows and tones on #2 had been quite heavily applied and in #3 she had cut them back somewhat. The result was a much lighter countenance. Looking at the two side by side, they looked as if there were marked racial differences between them.

“Ooh, looks like you’ve been too long in the sun!” she heard herself say.

But she hadn’t said anything. Bemused, she shook her head and then in her head, she put it down to spending too much time on her own in lockdown.

“You talking to me, white girl?”

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    Drew Martyn 3 months ago

    To say I had a shiver down my spine when I read this one is an understand. (Let's be honest, my first reaction was "fuuuuckin' hell" and my second "this is superb")

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    shaun 3 months ago

    Oh. Okay. This has suddenly taken on a very different feel. Great beat point in what could well be a long-runner.

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