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Going Viral #11


Tonight it’s pheasant casserole... for me! Mrs H will have her own meagre lamb chop... she’s not having my pheasant casserole!

Please don’t think I’m being mean. I’m not. I would be delighted to share my huge pan of tucker. But she’s argued herself into a corner.

The casserole is packed with pheasant leftovers from the whole pheasant we had a week ago. It was lovely... we both agreed. The leftovers hung around in the fridge for several days. “Too many” said Mrs H!

“Mmmm! That does smell good,” she agreed.

If I survive the night, she wants it tomorrow!

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    Neville Hunt 2 months ago

    I survived the night... so she joined me for my pheasant left-overs stew last night - her choice. I was fine, but she was a bit queasy during the night. It was my fault of course 😤 (But she’s lovely so I can take responsibility...)

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    Drew Martyn 2 months ago

    You must have a stomach of iron, mate. Another great title here :)

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    Neville Hunt 2 months ago

    So it seemed the next day, Drew!

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    Christopher about 1 month ago

    Nice one, Neville. I've had food poisoning twice and damn near died, so I'm very careful about stuff like that now. If I think there's even a chance that something might have gone off I get rid of it, even though I detest wasting food.

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