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Going Viral #2


He was really worried about Coronavirus. Accordingly, he took steps to protect himself. The moment he returned from work his regime started. He washed his hands very, very thoroughly. First he ran the water... must be piping hot. Almost scalding his hands, he rolled the soap around in them under the tap until he’d worked up a huge lather.

Then the deep cleaning began. His fingers and thumbs intertwined over and over for 5 minutes until I swear every single trace of natural oils was gone. Only then was he ready to pick his nose.

Nobody was giving him Coronavirus!

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    Christopher 3 months ago

    I understood the title when I got to the penultimate line! Very funny.

    I was thinking about reworking some song lyrics in light of the corona virus, but figured it might be in bad taste. You know, changing The Knack's "My Sharona" to "My Corona" or Dexy's Midnight Runners' "Come On Eileen" to "Covid-19." But I think I waited too long.

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    Neville Hunt 3 months ago

    Thanks, Christopher. I know what you mean about bad taste, but I published this anyway. I like your ideas though. Corona in the UK was a very famous soft drinks brand for kids way back when, that, uniquely at the time, had glass bottles with flip-top stoppers to keep the fizz in, delivered door-to-door. There was lots of potential for virus chuckles, but the only ones who would remember Corona are the ones most at risk! So I decided against too!

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    Drew Martyn 3 months ago

    (no such thing as bad taste, just bad senses of humour... probably)

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    shaun 2 months ago

    Only just seen this one. I'm sitting in Barclays bank laughing. Chap across the table is looking somewhat concerned.

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    Neville Hunt 2 months ago

    Thanks Drew and Shaun.

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    Frenchie 2 months ago

    I felt an itch under my nose, so, I ran to wash my hands first :-D :-D I needed a good laugh. Thanks Neville.

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    Neville Hunt 2 months ago

    Thanks Frenchie; you’re welcome 😊

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