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We took Allegra to lunch today. She’s doing OK under the circumstances. I mentioned the drabble legacy McBrevity had left and how they still keep popping up as Drabble of the Day.

We talked of his series about their travels in Europe as young sweethearts. At this point her mood changed. “Why on earth did he have to name me Allegra?”

“I expect he was trying to protect your anonymity, you know, ID theft...” I said.

“And you think naming me after a crappy 60s British Leyland car would do the trick?”

“Well be grateful he didn’t call you Trabant!”

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    Christopher 3 months ago

    Over here it's an allergy medicine. I hope she's holding up.

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    Neville Hunt 3 months ago

    She’s doing remarkably OK. We had a laugh... and McB was there, in his box with his hat on top! Priceless! He’d have loved it.

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