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Beaten #1


Tony Dawson was a writer. Not the most popular of writers, but he made some money to enhance his regular insurance job. Mass popularity was denied him probably because of his subject matter... not to everyone’s taste, and just as well too. Tony’s writing genre was dark, very dark. He wrote under a nom-de-plume, as Dan Birch. His novels plumbed the depths of S&M, the sordid and the depraved. They came from Tony’s own predilections as he himself was turned on by sadistic practices, preferences that had already destroyed three marriages through his abusive behaviour towards his wives.

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    Neville Hunt about 1 year ago

    A drabblified version in a couple of dozen episodes of a very recent short story, inspired by a random character generator as an exercise for one of the writers groups I belong to. I decided to post it because my sternest literary critic, Mrs H, said she liked it. Praise be!

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    Drew Martyn about 1 year ago

    I'd never doubt Mrs H's taste! An intriguing start, looking forward to more :)

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    Christopher about 1 year ago

    Very promising start.

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