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He was the personal pilot of billionaires, some famous, some infamous. He flew Gulfstreams, the tycoons’ choice. He was a top pilot... that’s why they chose him. “My man” he would say mysteriously to us, not mentioning any of them by name. He was discreet. He was thorough. He was meticulous. He was the safest of pairs of hands. Safety of his passengers, his craft and himself was paramount.

One infamous billionaire demanded a last-minute change of course, but my friend replied, “No sir”, politely. Fired instantly, my friend kept his professionalism... oh, and a stack of cash too!

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    Drew Martyn about 1 year ago

    Good for your friend! Stupid billionaire, firing someone for being professional!

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    Neville Hunt about 1 year ago

    Yeah, but arrogance has always been the hallmark of that particular very well-known billionaire. His fit of pique at being refused, albeit politely cost him dearly (which he could of course afford), but my mate got a great payout and went straight on to be employed by an even bigger tycoon. Payday!

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    Christopher 11 months ago

    His name should be Riley, because he's definitely living his life!

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