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The decision to build a bypass had been controversial and local nimbys put up powerful opposition. The highway planners eventually conceded slightly, modifying the route by slicing a chunk off a disused churchyard. The Church happily took a windfall bonus.

The opening day brought pride and relief to the Chief Planning Officer, who was the first to test the road, with his planning entourage speeding behind him. Approaching the section over the graveyard, suddenly the road surface bubbled and torso-shaped tarmac figures sat up and stretched. Instantly hitting his brakes took the convoy behind by surprise, with grave consequences.

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    Drew Martyn 6 months ago

    I love it! The idea of the tarmac shaped figures is so visual and scary, too. Love that last sentence, sets it off nicely :)

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    Neville Hunt 6 months ago

    Thanks Drew. It was inspired by your motorway madness series!

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    Christopher 4 months ago

    Ooh! I love it! I always loved the idea of consequences for disturbing hallowed ground.

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