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I sneaked a look at Mrs H’s list (unlike me, she makes lists) of what to do before we head off for her mum’s funeral. I blame it on my new glasses, but when I saw the first item was Rock Café, I thought... how avant-garde, how modern, a new way to start the grieving process!

I was impressed. She was obviously dealing with it all rather well, this grief thing. I hoped I would be involved with her rocking herself into the necessary zone. After all, I’m a proper rocker!

But on second glance it was ‘Pack Case’...

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    Christopher about 1 month ago

    You might wanna go back to your old glasses!

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    Neville Hunt about 1 month ago

    I have already!

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    Peter Henderson about 1 month ago

    Good one Neville (if it makes you feel something, it's working)

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    Drew Martyn 22 days ago

    I'm sure Mrs H would have been well looked after by your good self at the Rock Cafe, Neville, but never mind, it made me smile though given the circumstances probably shouldn't have :).

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    Neville Hunt 22 days ago

    Thanks Drew. Of course you should laugh... the old girl was over 93!

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